Event Information

Name: Track Ultra WA
Distances: 3 Hour, 6 Hour, 12 Hour/100km ,24 Hour and 24 Hour Relay
Date: Saturday 11 August – Sunday 12 August 2018
Start Time: 11:00
Sunrise: 06:55
Sunset: 17:48
Aug Avg Temp:  Maximum 19.1, Minimum 8.3AVG Rainfall 122.8mm

2015 – dry

2016 – dry

2017 – Worst conditions nature could have thrown at us. But fun!

Race Records::  3 hr (m)Nathan Fawkes 42.639 km – 2017

3 hr (f) Harmony Waite 33.266 km – 2017

6 hr (f) Shaye Pett 66.188 km – 2017

6 hr (m) Glen Smetherham 64.777 km – 2016

12 hr (f) Dale-Lynn Russell 115.175 km – 2017

12 hr (m) James Christie 125.977 km – 2016

24 hr (m) Richard Avery 240.431 km – 2016

24 hr (f) Dale-Lyn Russell 184.805 km – 2017

100 km Kevin Muller 8:44:45 – 2017

Cost: 3 hr AURA Member: $65

3 hr Non AURA Member: $80

6 hr AURA Member: $100

6 hr Non Aura Member: $115

12 hr AURA Member: $140

12 hr Non AURA Member: $160

24 hr AURA Member:$170

24 hr Non AURA Member: $195

24 hr Relay (2-4 runners)- $300 per team. (Note: No AURA discounts apply to Relay teams)

Kids $15

Entries Entries open in stages starting with 24 hr event on the 11/11/17 at 1100

Why Would I do this to myself?

So why would any semi sane person do something like this to themselves, and potentially miss the weekend football? , because it is only through challenging the norm that you find great reward! Ask anybody that has run a Half or Full Marathon, what they got out of it! More than likely the first thing you will hear is “blisters”, “soreness” and quite possibly a few “tears” as well, but after the dust settles, you are left with a profound sense of accomplishment and strength that you did not seem to have before. You know that you finished it, and you feel empowered.

That’s why Distance Runners do what they do. Sure it’s hard at the time, but when you manage to push through all of those difficulties, and get to the end, you are left with something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

So why are we using a track? .The purpose of using a track as opposed to an out and back or even a trail run, is that you can reduce the weight of gear that you would need to carry, have crews ideally placed to offer support and assistance to you throughout the run, report on the progress of participants and have the most preferential and ideal conditions to see what you can accomplish in the given time frame. A flat track is the preferred option here. You have to consider that a small bump at 2 hrs is going to become a significant hurdle for you at 5, 14 or even 21 hours.

And besides………….. A warm feed mid run and the ability to get off the track, heat up, change your clothes and have a cuppa in the cooler weather is welcome to most runners.

Distance events are really just eating and drinking competitions with a few laps thrown in to make it look like you have actually done something!

So how is this going to work? Participants will complete laps of the track at their own pace with the direction being changed every 3 hours, (so 3 hour runners will maintain the same direction until their event concludes).

The Electronic Transponder that each runner will carry, will record the total laps and distance that each runner completes, with the balance of the final partial lap added to their total distance after the hooter has sounded. The results will be posted online to a web link so that each runner can be individually tracked throughout the event as they complete laps, and via a manually updated board each hour.

At the conclusion of the event, the person with the furthest distance in each event will be the winner, but the biggest thing about running in these events, is not whether you are an Elite Athlete (of which there are few!), but rather whether you have done your best, challenged yourself and set yourself a PB. It’s all about you and what is your best!

Whether you want to run the entire distance, walk half of it, or walk the entire event, that is completely up to you. It does not matter how you get there, it is about setting yourself a goal and going after it. You goal may be 5km or 250km, that’s irrelevant.  People who “have a go” earn the respect of all.

We quite often get tied up with the superfast times, but the magic is in the doing. In distance running (or walking) there is less emphasis on the times and speed but rather in the comradery and mateship that exists between competitors. It is a lot of fun, and usually very different from what most people are used to.

For anyone that is interested, the event is capped at 150 competitors total. There are a maximum number of (35) 3hr entries available for those that want to test the waters to see if it is for them. While 3 hrs is not technically an Ultra Marathon, it is a good way to get a taste of what these events are all about. Most people who participated last year, showed a strong interest in coming back this year to step up to a longer distance, so it is a great stepping stone for those wanting to progress in the sport.

There is Bling and there are trophies, but the most important thing that you can do, is to have some fun and step out and challenge yourself. You might surprise yourself!


Competitors may withdrawal up until 0900 on the 16th July to receive 50% of their entry refunded.

Competitors may withdrawal up until 0900 on the 23rd July to receive 25% on their entry.

Any withdrawals after the 23rd July are unfortunately unable to be refunded as all equipment and event costs have been paid.

Competitor Tracking

Live Runner Tracking

2018 Event Entry Process

Entries in the Track Ultra WA are restricted to ~150 runners over all 5 events, with split start times. The qualification pre-requisites are as follows: 3hr Nil 6hr Nil 12hr Must have completed an official marathon distance event under cutoff within previous 12 months. 24 hr Must have completed and official Ultra Marathon of 50 km or 6 hrs in last 12 months. It is expected that participants will have experience at running distance events and understand the risks associated with endurance events in wet/cool conditions. Note: People who are unsure of whether their qualifier meets the pre-requisites are encouraged to contact the Race Director to discuss prior to entering. Additionally persons wanting to walk the entire 24 hr must contact the Race Director prior to entering on 0439496765

Competitor Pre Race Information

Mandatory gear requirements

There are no mandatory gear requirements for this event.

Start Location

The Bunbury Athletics Arena is located within the Hay Park Sporting fields alongside the netball courts. A map reference of 270 Bussell Hwy Withers WA 6230 will place you right on the Socceroos Access Road. From there it is 300m to the Arena carpark. Access will be from the rear of the gated Arena. Click here for a location map. The competitor pre race information Pack will detail the exact location. This will be released closer to the date.

Course Measurement

The Arena has class 2 IAAF certification. This means that the distance has been certified and thus records will be up for grabs on the day/night of your chosen event. ( See explanation below) Courses must be certified for any running performance to be accepted as a record or to be nationally ranked.  Furthermore, running a race on a certified course allows you to accurately compare your time to performances run on other certified courses because you can be sure the distances were the same. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is not accurate. When participants enter a race advertised to be of a certain distance, they have a reasonable expectation that the distance be accurate. The certification program is very important to the average runner, as well as those of exceptional speed. Most runners like to compare performances run on different courses and such comparisons are very difficult if course distances are not reliable. No one can establish a personal best if courses are not accurate. For any road-running performance to be accepted as a record, or be included in national or provincial rankings, it must be run on a certified course. In the coming months the documentation will be finalized prior to the event start. If you believe that you will be trying for an age group record then please advise Race Director in advance to ensure that the appropriate paperwork necessary will be on hand.

Lap Recording

An Electronic Timing system will be employed to record each lap time. (part laps will be recorded as below) For the last 5 minutes leading up to the conclusion of the 3,6, 12 and 24 hr events runners will be required to pick-up a small drop bag (beanbag) which must be carried with them for the last lap. When the siren is sounded the runners in that particular event who are carrying the bags must drop them on the side of the track where, the additional distance over and above a full lap will be measured out, and added to each runners elapsed lap totals. This after measurement will be the final total. Starting from the 3hr mark all runners in the 6, 12 and 24hr events will be required to complete a full lap and change direction. This will continue every 3 hours up to the 21hr hr period. Any runner with a recordable distance who pulls out, will be allocated an official time depending upon the event they have entered.

Trophy presentation

6 hr presentation – 17:30 12 hr presentations – 06:30 (12th Aug) 24 hr and 3 hr presentations – 11:30 (12th Aug) Competitors from previous events are encouraged to stay around or return and show their support for the runners still out on the track.

Race Ammenities:

Toilet facilities: There are two toilet blocks, (and for the 2018 event,  porta loos will be located trackside at the 100m mark), however there are no showers located at the Arena. Runners are able to use the showers at the recreation centre located approximately 500 m from the Arena. 2018 may see hot water showers, but this is to be confirmed closer to the event.

A Shopping Centre/Fast Food outlets and Service Station are located less than 500m at the Parks Centre.

Small dome tents can be pitched on the infield while the night events are running on the 12th for competitors to sleep and rest.

A marquee will be available with Gas Heater, Microwave and Urn for competitors and crews. Power is available at the undercover area, as well as at the end of the 100 m straight.

Presenter screens will be available, facing in both directions 15 m from the timing point.

Spectators have a shaded covered area to observe.

Accomodation options:

Lord Forrest Hotel 9726 5777

Mantra 13 15 17

Lighthouse Beach Resort 9781 2700

Quest 9722 0777

Bunbury Motel 9721 7333

Race Sanctioning Body

AURA (also insurance provider for this event)

Special Thanks

Thanks to City of Bunbury for their awesome support and assistance in providing a top notch facility. Tailwind for their generous sponsorship and Compressport for supporting this event with low cost merchandise and sponsorship. Rob D  for his technical assistance in helping  set up the event and website. Additional resources:

Track Ultra WA Facebook Group

Australian Running Calendar

Track Ultra WA Starts in !!